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can celebrate "casablanca's" debut by watching it on the internet tonight for free. of all the gin joints in town, the one to go was "casablanca." the movie's facebook page at 7:00 p.m. eastern and pacific. >> say it. >> here's looking at you, kid. i can't do it. >> a classic. >>> coming up next, a dressing down on capitol hill. what were naked protesters doing at the office of the speaker of the house? >> we're going to blur it all out for you, though. >>> and angus t. jones is cleaning up his comments about "two and a half men" being filthy. >>> and another about-face. the new jersey mayor who is rethinking turning sandy wreckage into a tourist attraction. would love this, huh? jack? jaaack? jaaack?! jack?! looks good ladies! jack! come on, stop the car. jack! no, no, no, no, no! the only thing more surprising than finding the perfect gifts.. niice. where you find them. how did you know? i had a little help. this is how to gift. this is sears. i had[ designer ]eeling enough of just covering up my moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. i decided enough is enough. ♪ [ spa lad
jorge and casablanca, i will read it in her language or my spanish first, then in translation. it's a poem directly addressed to poets but certainly to activists as well. (speaking spanish) no man's land. we are a mine field of clarity and whoever crosses the barbed wire comes back to life. but who is interested in crawling through undergrowth? who dares sail a tempest? who wants to come face to face with purity? that's why we're fenced off in this no man's land under permanent cross fire. three bomb holes. flag study. red. she walks into the bright vegetable garden, chopped water to life from brittle landscape, leans her hoe against goat wire, admires shoots balanced on turned earth, looks up, fulfilleds a leaves sigh, clouds, hands on her hips, her jaw falls open and a bomb drops down her throat. white. the horizon, a black line against brilliant white landscape, pale blue sky above it, empty except for heat devil blur, a raindrop sound hits a wooden post against cloudless light, another, the lamb, his children, wife, then he drenched in bullet rain. blue. the final moment of ni
of the french fled to the car, west africa, and casablanca. but there was a very large flotilla on the algerian coast. there were a couple of battleships, some big cruisers, and the british came up with this idea. they called it operation catapult. on the morning of july 3, they were going to seize as many french ships as they possibly could buy agreement, hopefully, but if not, by force. and they figured, and portsmouth and plymouth, england, these ports are surrounded by british ships and british coastal batteries and that kind of thing. and in alexandria egypt kind of the same thing because there was a british port with the british origin big guns. there was only the french flotilla here, was a french naval base. and the british naval command, radioed of course in code to their fleet in gibraltar, and they said, this is what you have to do. you have to sail through the ninth of july 2 and 3rd, and show up at dawn. and give our terms to the fleet. and the terms were, or were going to be, you were our loyal allies in the fight against the germans up until just days ago. sail out of your port a
is celebrating a milestone anniversary. >> you must remember this, a kiss is just a kiss. >>> casablanca was released 70 years ago today. the movie featured one of the most beloved film songs of all time, as well as some timeless lines including here's looking at you, kid. we'll always have paris, and i think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. and how about this? a sequel to casablanca is reportedly in the works. >>> the governor of new york is asking the federal government for $42 billion in aid for damage done by superstorm sandy. >> you must act immediately to restore safe and healthy living conditions for your tenants, and that includes providing your tenants with heat, hot water, and electrical service. >> officials say 228,000 new york state residents registered for emergency help with fema. >>> let's talk about hour weather now. we have stormy weather on the way that will bring about a lot of rain. >> that's right. a series of storms over a series of days. clouds move in tomorrow. the winds pick up tomorrow within but the rain really gets here as we get into wednesda
gotta be free, the eagle and me." ok? and dooley wilson, who was in casablanca, sang that. casablanca, sang that. so, again, yip managed to get his philosophy into his show, which was the second truly integrated american musical after oklahoma. and while, you know, it hasn't been played around, it's still marked that historically. after that came finian's rainbow. amy goodman: you mean blacks and whites playing in the cast. ernie harburg: no, not in there. in finian's rainbow, i mean that it was a political statement. bloomer girl was a political statement, and it was a smash hit. in 1946, yip conceived the idea, the story, the script for finian's rainbow, which was meant to be an anti-racist and, in a certain sense, anti- capitalist show also. amy goodman: let's find it. ernie harburg: alright, let's go. amy goodman: let's find finian's rainbow. ernie harburg: here's cabin in the sky, which is the first all-black hollywood film in the '40s, which yip and harold did also. "happiness is just a thing called joe." here's bloomer girl that i'm talking about. so, we should be, somehow, com
, what do you make of this? is this the beginning of a great friendship like in casablanca at the end or what. >> i don't think so. i don't think there's a big assignment coming for mitt romney. there are times when presidents feel compelled after they beat somebody to get them in the game. i mean, fdr did that with wendell wilky in 1940. world war ii was coming. we're all in this together. fdr also brought in frank knox, a republican as secretary of navy, and henry stimson, a republican and secretary of war. you have moments, you know, richard nixon offered hubert humphrey the olive branch of ambassadorship to the u.n. by in large, these don't work that well, unless it was an ex-president. if romney had been an ex-president, there is something called that exclusive ex-president's club, then there would be a role. i don't see a blue ribbon commission of mitt romney heading right now. and i don't see, you know, romney teaming up with dukakis and doing a kind of report that's going to matter. mcgovern and bob dole both lost and they got relevant working as a tandem team but they were al
records. i was on casablanca records. i was really, you know -- it was sort of, all kind of going the way i thought it should be going. >> carson: right. >> but it never, it would never quite go there. >> carson: you have some music in the show. you have a song. >> i do. >> carson: which is awesome. where is your music right now? >> i'm just making a new -- i call them records. i know you're not supposed to call 'em that but i don't know. >> carson: i still call 'em that. >> i call 'em that. ♪ >> carson: for somebody who started off, sort of, socially awkward that's quite an impressive career you've had thus far. >> well, you can still be socially awkward when you have a -- >> carson: i guess, well, you're an actor. >> 'cause i sort of, still am. well, not socially -- you know i'm, i think i'm more shy than people realize. >> we can take care of our own. >> they need to socialize with other children. and let's be honest -- i don't think you're up for the task. >> excuse me? >> you have every right to be distracted. you've been through a lot -- >> just say what you mean. >> i smell weed
casablanca is headed to the auction block. the prop could fetch as much as $1.2 million at next month's sale. >> for hollywood minute i am elizabeth corrdisan. >> still ahead on the kron for morning news the first of a few storms is arriving in the bay area this morning. we will tell you what parts are expected to get a lot of wind and rain. and some parts of the bear our meeting this is rain. we will show you one reservoir that is struggling to maintain its water level. >> we will be checking in with george he is looking at how the rate may be affecting the when the commute. we will find out as the kron for morning news continues. (male announcer): live from the bay area this is the kron 4 morning news. kron 4 news at 5:00 a.m. start now. >> good morning. we are starting out with a great and wet wednesday morning the top story is the rain and wind that we have to start the day off. we have crews all over the bay as we track the first heaviest rain in a series of storms that are going to be slamming us. the upstart in the north bay that will get hit especially hard as many as 10 in. of rain
at casablanca. >> good morning. any president has the bully pulpit and president obama intends to use it more and more, the white house says, to get across his message, his solution on the fiscal cliff. so today he will meet with small business owners here at the white house. tomorrow he will meet with middle class americans. and on friday, he'll make the public case for extending tax cuts on the middle class and raising taxes on families making more than $250,000 when he visits a business in pen opinion. the president's press secretary says on this highly charged issue, quote, public communication is essential. >> some of the lessons that we learned over the last four years have to do with always being mindful of the fact that engaging the public on these sometimes chewy policy debates is important because they care and they have a deep stake in the outcome of the debate. so we'll continue to do that. >> carney also says the president strongly opposes extending tax cuts for families making over $250,000. he says that's the president's, quote, firm position. democrats are standing with him on
a casablanca in it. some of them a stargazer. those flowers smell so good. you know, many people remember, like, they do--they open like the mouth, and i think they-- that's how they call them, like, a snapdragon. heh heh heh. can't you see that is like opening the mouth a little bit? you have to get up and go to work every day, 7 days a week, and make sure that all your plants have water, because you have to pay your workers, because you have to pay your bills. but it's something that i really love, that i like so much. many times, from little, tiny seeds that is hard, you know, for your eyes to see, you can grow beautiful flowers like these and--and have them year-round. >> he and his family tend to hillsides that are awash in brilliant colors. today, like any other day on the farm, is filled with work and a lot of it. it starts out with picking, sorting, and packing more than 100 varieties of flowers. from here, it's off to make deliveries to eager customers all across the county. and then it's time for one of the 14 farmers markets he does every week. customer after customer almost naturall
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14 (some duplicates have been removed)